What people say about Shannon …

Shannon Simpson is a rare woman with a compelling life story.  Her character and conviction to live life fully in spite of any obstacle is at once inspiring and moving.  She is a vivid example of the possibility for greatness that lies in each of us.   I encourage you to hear Shannon speak – you will be grateful you did.


Lee Chamberland

Vancouver Wellness Coach & Inspirational Speaker

I had the privilege of meeting Shannon leading a field trip to A Rocha in Surrey. I work as an outreach worker for the Surrey School District and lead a program called Girls in Action on Saturdays. Girls in Action is an eight-week program that is run through the Community Schools Department within the Surrey School District. It gives young girls the opportunity to gain leadership skills, build confidence and make new friends. Throughout the eight-week program, the girls visit A Rocha three times. Each visit Shannon teaches about nutrition at one of the stations. Shannon’s love and passion for her her work is contagious. Every Saturday we visited she would show up with a huge smile and be eager to share her knowledge with the girls about healthy eating. It was amazing to see the girls be challenged to rethink what they put in their bodies. The sessions were hands on and interactive making the knowledge Shannon shared much easier to process. Shannon is down to earth, relatable and passionate about helping others live a full and healthy life. Thank you for being such an inspiration to myself and the girls in the program.


Sam Kleingeltink

Outreach worker for Surrey School District

Shannon volunteered with a program called Girls in Action on Saturdays for two years (2014 – 2016) with up to 50 girls from the Surrey School Board.   Shannon is such an enthusiastic and passionate proponent of healthy eating.   Her knowledge was fascinating to hear explained in very accessible ways, for kids and adults alike.  Her enthusiasm excited students and staff alike and she had lots of practical suggestions.   She is easy to work with and became a great part of our program team.


Ruth Des Cotes

Program Manager / A Rocha Canada

Shannon came to an event of ours and offered a passionate and stimulating presentation. She made sure to bring products with her so people could see what she was talking about.  It is clear how much she loves what she does and that transpired in how she presented her information.  We loved having her at our event and would definitely consider asking her again!


Karine Chalifour

Program Director / Young Adult Cancer Canada

Shannon Simpson is an amazing woman and passionate educator.   She shared her courageous fight against cancer and taught my students how she helped to heal herself with food.  Her program provides children practical skills to critically examine their food choices as well as how to investigate the chemicals in products they use.

Student testimonials:

Samantha:  “Mrs. Rudolph, my Mom and I went to Edible Island last night and bought stevia oil.

Tess:  “Chloe and I now enjoy a new food introduced by Mrs. Simpson, chia seeds with berries.”

Tess:  “I like to make lemon water now.”

Sadie:  “She made her lessons more interactive, not like a lecture, so I actually enjoyed  it!”

Chloe:  “I make the smoothie that she made for us.”  “Making the vision boards allows me to see my goals every day!”

Ian:  “I like the food she made.”

Thomas:  “I ate 5 bowls of her squash soup.”

Talia:  “I go to Rawthentic Eatery now instead of Dairy Queen.”

Quinn:  “ I drink out of metal straws now to save the turtles.”

Kyree:  “I make healthy choices at the Farmer’s Market.”


Elizabeth Rudolph

Huband Park Elementary and her adorable Grade 7 class