Shannon's Introduction

I love teaching about nutrition and family wellness. Learn more about me and my passion for empowering families to live healthier lifestyles. We can make the world a healthier and happier place, one child at a time.

Video Resource - Nutrition For Kids & Parents with Shannon

Nutrition Facts & Shake Recipe

This fun holistic nutrition class will introduce kids to mindful eating, the importance of eating a rainbow of colors and how whole food can feed our brains and help us learn.  We will focus on the foods that make us stronger as well as healthier, and the foods that are okay occasionally. Children will also learn to make a delicious shake.

My Cancer Survivor Dream Day

Featured on Global News – I am so grateful for this amazing experience and gift. It was an unforgettable day sharing my love and knowledge. I’d never been in a helicopter before, and the BMW was a sweet ride!

Shannon's Cancer Survivor Dream Day
Shannon and Nolan's autism help

Autism Teachers

Nolan and I share his story from being diagnosed with autism to adapting and living everyday life. His teachers have been instrumental in his success, and we are eternally grateful.

Huband Park Elementary Salad Bar

Watch a video of the Huband Park Elementary school salad bar.  I helped create this wonderful nutritional meal program for the school, and the kids love it!

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