Our comprehensive Mindful Meals Resource Guide is now available!  And it’s free! 
To get your copy simply follow this link and download

It is an invaluable resource to use in conjunction with your Mindful Meals Placemats.  The guide is in PDF format.

These placemats were created to encourage kids to slow down and pay attention to the food they eat.  I am a visual learner and I believe this placemat can be used as a tool and great conversation piece at the dinner table and school lunch hours.  I love that we are able to provide beautiful, amazing, local food to our children.   But we also need to teach our kids how to connect to their food by slowing down, practicing gratitude and using all their senses to fully enjoy their food.   When we create a healthy relationship with food, we also create a healthy relationship with ourselves, our families, our communities and Mother Earth.

Available in English and French, placemats are 11 inches by 17 inches, double sided, full colour, printed on 65 lb cardstock with a heavy duty laminated coating that is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.  Just $14.99 plus shipping and taxes.  Shipping information…


English version, front and back below.

French version, front and back, below.