Suitable for grade 6 and older:

There was a time when the safest place on earth for a child… was home.   When our children played in their yards grown by nothing but the sun and the rain.  When they ate nothing but the purest foods.   Their toys were made by hand and their bedding was made from wool. 

Children’s beds have changed…dioxane, xylenes, polymers.

Their toys are made with plastic…phthalates, bisphenol A

Food is no longer pure…food colors, preservatives, additives, aspartame, butylated hydroxyltolaene. 

Their yards are also different: acetic acid, dioxane, round up (glyphosate), propionic acid

We breath chemicals, absorb chemicals, through our skin and we ingest chemicals.   The good news is that small changes we make in our daily lives can make a big difference

Students will learn:

  • What is the Environmental working group

  • How to use the Skin Deep data base to check for chemicals in our products

  • What is a GMO – Genetically Modified Organism

  • The difference between traditional engineering / farming  vs Genetic Engineering

  • Learning about Monsanto and who they are

  • Have the opportunity to learn to make their own non chemical home products

  • Learn how we can reduce our toxic exposure

  • The importance of eating local and organic

  • Learn about the clean 15 and dirty dozen

  • Why and how herbicides and pesticides are in our food system and what we can do about it / how it is affecting us.

For more information on this program, please contact Shannon.