This fun and interactive holistic nutrition class will introduce kids to mindful eating, and vision boards. 

Mindful eating can help kids to slow down when they eat and pay attention to where their food came from.  It will also help them to take a minute to give thanks to the food they are about to eat and ask questions like “Is the food I am about to eat going to make me big and strong?”.   “How do I feel after eating the food I just ate?”

Kids will learn about:

  • What is mindful eating and why it is important
  • Why mindful eating can help us better digest our food
  • The Law of Attraction: Energy goes where attention flows
  • What is a vision board
  • What is visualization and how does it work
  • How to create a vision board  

Through the process of creating vision boards kids will learn to think about:

  • Their values
  • How they want to feel
  • What are their health & wellness goals
  • How do they want to spend their free time
  • What do they want to learn / gain knowledge about
  • What are their dreams
  • What does their best self look like
  • What are their career goals
  • What do they want in family life / life

For more information on this program, please contact Shannon.